LCD digital clocks: Cristalys range

The elegant Cristalys LCD clock will suit any interior

LCD reflective display with very large viewing angle and perfect contrast. Interior wall clock with extra flat casing. Areas of application: meeting rooms, hallways,

reception halls, hospitals, banks, insurance companies, head offices, etc.

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The elegant LCD Cristalys clock will suit any interior

  • functions-and-multilingualStandard features

    Every Cristalys clocks are multilingual and feature time, date and week number as standard.

  • Additional featuresAdditional features

    Rotating seconds, temperature, day and week number, small text and many other feature are also available on some Cristalys clocks.


Bodet designs and manufactures time synchronisation systems that deliver reliable and accurate time to different types of equipment.

Range of time distribution methods for CRISTALYS : DHF, NTP, AFNOR, impulse.

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Aluminum, white or burgundy.


Cristalys clocks will run for over 3 years between battery changes. You may also choose low voltage power supply unit (15V), mains power or PoE (Power over Ethernet).