Why choose Bodet Time

Leader in time displays and bell systems

For more than 40 years, Bodet Time has been designing analogue clocks, digital clocks, and station clocks in France. Multiple styles of clocks are installed in schools, healthcare institutions, industrial environments, stations, and airports. Bodet Time is also the specialist for sounders and microphones. Bodet Time equips schools in France and abroad with bell systems to broadcast lockdown alerts in the event of major incidents. Their audio systems can also play a bell, melody or voice message to set a pattern for a school day or inform factory workers.

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Bodet Time’s business

Bodet Time designs and manufactures a wide range of products in four business areas:

  • Time synchronisation: master clocks, time servers
  • Clocks: analogue clocks, LED digital clocks, LCD digital clocks
  • Audio systems: sounders, microphones
  • LED displays: fuel prices on fuel station poles

Bodet clockmaking: expertise, quality, and innovation

  • Tradition: Bodet is a family business passed down from generation to generation since 1868. The 5th generation joined the management in 2016.
  • Made in France: all our clocks are fully designed and manufactured in France at our production site in Trémentines: design office, plastics, metalwork, assembly workshop, etc.
  • Innovation: this is the company’s DNA, the key to its success since 1868. Each year, Bodet invests 10% of its revenue in R&D.