How about a 27% cost savings with the latest in Wireless Synchronized Clocks

TimeTrax Sync – the industry’s first synchronized wireless transmitter that guarantees complete coverage at a fraction of the cost of competitive wireless systems. Not to mention, you can enjoy monumental savings when compared to the cost of installing a hard-wired system! With TimeTrax Wireless, managing important functions of business such as time synchronization and scheduling become simple tasks. Our various lines of synchronized wireless clocks will keep you from worrying about how to keep everyone on the same schedule.

Owners of the  Wireless TimeTrax Sync enjoy the best…

  • Truly plug-and-play simplicity
  • 900-928MHz frequency hopping technology
  • No pre-installation FCC License required
  • Exclusive 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Time source captured from NTP, Internal Network or GPS
  • Sleek, well designed synchronized wireless clocks and transmitters that are made to last Virtually no building square foot size limitations
  • Up to 10-years of maintenance-free battery life on wireless clocks



Wireless Masterclock Systems


Wireless Synchronized Clock Systems eliminate time- related obstacles, alleviate confusion, and reduce maintenance costs. TimeTrax Sync was engineered as a complete solution that captures the exact time from GPS satellite signals or via the Internet in Network Time Protocol format and transmits it throughout an entire facility. We have created a new website to provide the most effortless experience for our customers who are looking specifically for wireless clock systems.


Wireless Transmitter

RF Transmitters
Completely synchronize your facility's time with the TimeTrax Wireless RF Transmitter -- a low-cost solution for corporate settings, schools, healthcare facilities, or industrial buildings.

Wireless Analog Clocks

Wireless Analog Clocks

TimeTrax Wireless Analog Clocks feature easily viewable faces in a variety of sizes and styles. The clocks are ideal for facility renovation, retrofit design, and new construction applications. Since the wireless clock systems receive their radio time frequency from the TimeTrax Sync Transmitter, they will stay on time virtually anywhere throughout your facility.

Wireless Digital Clocks

Wireless Digital Clocks

For high visibility in large areas or long hallways, TimeTrax’s Wireless Digital Clocks and Clock Systems provide the perfect solution. Availabe in many sizes and displays.




TimeTrax Sync accessories are designed to work directly with our equipment and grow as your needs grow. We offer a wide range of accessories for our wireless products including wall or ceiling brackets, security mounts, batteries, surge protectors, and more.